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My new website

2010-02-28 10:08:09 by grafik2d

A few weeks ago I got dump my animator while working on a game and got a two week contract to edit some HTML and CSS for a client's social network. So this got me thinking about setting up my own social network where flash game makers could meet up and find a partner with complemantary skills.

And there it is, This site provide forums where members can talk about flash games, game design, upcoming releases, tips for looking for sponsorship. There is blogs, a chat room, a ressources section pack with the best tutorials you can find across the web, some advice for people starting up action script and most importanly you can browse the members who are also looking out for partners by clicking a single button.

The site is just starting out thought and some parts are still in progress. So this is a critical part where I would need all your comment and suggestion on improving the site. Give it a try and see if you like it.